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Metals Usa® Building Products Aluminum Patio Cover

Patio 1

*Designed to meet virtually all of your needs and all building codes
Take your Patio Cover to a whole new level by adding our lattice components (lattice wrap). Choose from 4 end cut styles.
endcap scallop endcap corbel endcap miter endcap bevel
 Scallop  Corbel  Miter Bevel 


Whether you need shade from the sun, a place to enjoy parties or protection for your vehicle, Metals USA offers a complete line of “low to no” maintenance Covers that will take care of your outdoor needs. Strength Metals USA’s insulated laminated roof panels snap together tightly, forming a strong, structurally sound roof as well as a weather-proof barrier protecting your patio or vehicle from the elements. Versatility Metals USA Covers can be specifically designed to accommodate ceiling fans and light fixtures, giving your outdoor space extra amenities. Durability Metals USA Covers are made from high-quality, structural aluminum. Virtually maintenance free, our covers are crafted to never rust, warp, crack, rot or become infested with insects. Our factory finished aluminum components retain the original color, gloss and texture longer and better than patio products made of alternate materials. Plus we stand behind our products with a transferable Lifetime Warranty.

Metals Usa® Building Products Aluminum Carport

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